Entry #13

Where Have I Been?!

2017-06-11 10:52:04 by Johnopotamus

Hello, everyone! Good news, I'M STILL ALIVE!

My last cartoon, The Elf, was posted Dec. 21, 2015. That's definitely a while ago. I've had a few projects fall through since then due to a lot of stuff going on. I'll stay away from all that but update you on the last few months.

I got a new job, got a new place to live, and I got married!

I've been fortunate enough to be able to settle down some and now I feel like I can get back into this. I have a few toons in the works right now starring the voices of Saminat, BoyProfligate, FrostyKones, and Gianni with tracks from Dr. Ew and SittingDuck-Jamie. Everything should be set to go around August so stay tuned!

Thank you!



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2017-06-11 22:08:02

Whoop whoop!!!!! :D


2017-06-12 14:54:19

<3 let's hang out sometime buddy!

Johnopotamus responds:

I KNOW!!!!! I'm hoping to free up some time and stop by your work maybe next week.


2017-06-13 19:34:16

I made the mistake of getting a Nintendo Switch this same day. Bye, everyone. See you in another year.